Good Business Matters was founded in 2013 by two very different people who share a single core belief: that business can, and should, be a force for positive social change.


We help businesses make a difference by finding their social purpose and communicating it effectively.


Opposites may attract, but like-minded lasts.


We envisage a world whose economic pulse is powered by purpose-led businesses that do well, while doing good. From our point-of-view, the future belongs to those organisations that strongly believe in making the world a better place, while building a profitable business.

Our purpose is to help businesses define and embed their social purpose through the organisation and into their brands. We organise and contextualise purpose into business strategies, embed it into brands and express it through authentic communications.

We believe that being for-purpose and for-profit should never be mutually exclusive, but by evolving together they offer the perfect combination for a truly sustainable future.


Our job is to design and develop responsible business strategies to build brands of enduring value, brands that matter. The end-goal is to create positive social impact while ensuring our clients are recognised for the good they’re doing.

Doing good, helps businesses do well. We define your social purpose and develop an actionable plan to connect your brand to your customer’s values. In the end, as we see it, responsible brands matter more and are more successful.

Our two directors are totally different, yet 100% complimentary. Strategic, analytical, agile and creative. What we do works and we love what we do.

About You


You are well aware that being a socially responsible business isn’t a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. It’s here, and it’s now.

The instinct is to dive in, take a lead on your competitors, make a bold statement. The challenge, though, in a sea of sustainability accreditations and complex options to do good, is that bringing our social purpose to life just won’t get the emphasis it deserves.

You know that developing a Good Brand Matters, but you’re unsure as to where to start. You realise that you can make a social impact while building the bottom-line; yet forging the right long-term plan and getting underway is somewhat elusive.

What’s the ‘right’ responsible business strategy for you? What’s the best use of your resources? And what’s the most compelling way to tell your customers and employees your story?


Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Responsible Business, whatever its called isn’t important. What matters is that we find the time, skill and passion to bring this value to life in the business and embed it in our brands.

Whether you’re already flying along or you’re just starting up, your brand is always evolving. Incorporating social purpose into your story can start any time.

Whether you’re motivated by cost savings, competitive advantage or an internal corporate conscience, your customers are demanding, and paying a premium for, responsible products and services whose claims they truly feel they can trust.

We find that the organisations who want to work with us, share our beliefs about doing good, and doing well. What they want is strong strategic thinking, guidance to navigate their social responsibility path, and help telling the story.

That’s what we do. We guide. We plan. We execute through your brand.


  • Cliff Moss
    Cliff Moss Director
  • Simon Davies
    Simon Davies Director
  • Clinton Hazel
    Clinton Hazel Director of Operations Strategy
  • Jonathan Sagar
    Jonathan Sagar Executive Creative Director

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