“The value that Good Business Matters have added to our emerging startup comes from taking the time to understand our business, our team, and our industry and working with rigour at every stage”

Adrian Cester, CEO – Australian Organic Food Company



With less than 3 months to launch soups into 900 supermarkets, The Australian Organic Food Company had a big vision, a production order and concept art packaging. They needed brand architecture and a communications strategy to launch a new food business while repositioning organic in the minds of consumers from being “healthy” to “sustainable”, whilst still selling products in the short-term.


Young intrepid girl pioneer for Australian Organic Food company Feb 2018


100% Better. We developed a differentiated brand to connect the idea of ‘better for me’ and ‘better for the planet’. A clear strategic direction and a campaignable concept to sit at the heart of every piece of communication with every stakeholder. Simple, effective, easy to understand and, best of all, true. The campaign included product seeding, digital and traditional media, PR and in-store promotion. 



Successfully launched their first range of 8 soups with first year sales equating to 500,000 packs and $1.2m sales. Additionally, 156,000 kg of organic vegetables were saved from waste.
We provided a fully integrated communications campaign and developed a strong, effective social media presence to put them in good stead for the future.
Our work together culminated in the brand receiving the Australian Organic marketing award: Best Organic Market Innovator 2019.


“They have consistently proven themselves as “best of breed” creative and strategic thinkers and we were proud to win a market innovator award with them as an integral part of the team”

Adrian Cester, CEO – Australian Organic Food Company