Confidently buy better.

CoGo is an app to help you spend in line with your values, so every purchase counts for more.

“Users can choose from 13 social & environmental values, and the app helps them discover third-party accredited businesses that align with their values.”

There’s a growing eagerness from consumers to buy from businesses that generate social impact. While people are realising their own sense of purpose, and that they can spend in line with their values, many businesses are seizing on the opportunity of ‘doing good’ so as to attract this more conscientious customer. 

Yet finding products and services that transparently and authentically do the good they claim to be, and not simply greenwashing, or social or rainbow-washing, their way into hearts and minds, continues to be tricky. 

And this is why we’re convinced CoGo – an ethical living consumer app that enables individuals to take action to improve their impact on people and the planet – is the right answer for the right time.

More About CoGo


CoGo, previously known as Conscious Consumers, was born in Wellington in 2009. The app took off in the UK and now has over 50,000 downloads and is expanding into new markets, starting in Australia.


What We Did


We kickstarted the Australian Market Entry Strategy with a specific focus on a local “Good Impact Framework” which began by establishing which badges everyday Australians would respond best to and aligning them to the certifiers and accreditations that ensured maximum impact and credibility from the get-go.

“The app uses the power of gamification, community/network effects and automated messages to “nudge” users to shift their spending patterns and improve their impact.” – CoGo


Process and Output


A clearly scoped, 3-week project combined years of industry experience and knowledge with desktop research and analysis to form the basis of a strategic report and recommendations on how to move forward into the Australian market. 

We became the local team for less than a month and, with weekly work in progress meetings with the NZ team, we reported and refined details to deliver a comprehensive report outlining:

  • Recommendations for a localised CoGo badging framework; including the proposal of two new badge categories Purpose-led and Socially Inclusive. 
  • Provision of an aligned set of relevant and credible certifications;
  • Details of local affiliates for each badge;
  • Insights into existing relationships, contact details and meetings set where relevant.

“Go Team CoGo Australia! Great job all round 🌏👊🏽  Looking forward to next steps 😊 ”


– Ben Gleisner, CoGo CEO & Co-Founder