Clifford is a self-confessed social entrepreneur who took his time to find his calling. Over the last 20 years he has worked in the commercial property, film and creative marketing industries and has finally come to rest in the world of corporate social responsibility.

In 1997 he established his first creative agency,, that he left 9 years later with 15 staff, a turnover of $6m and corporate clients in New Zealand and Australia. His most recent venture, Good Business Matters, is a for-purpose business that develops social responsibility strategies and proprietary projects that are brought to life through cause-related marketing and brand communications. By building brands of enduring value, brands that matter, Clifford and his team are able to create positive social impact while ensuring that their clients are recognised for the good they’re doing.

“We find that the organisations who want to work with us share our beliefs about doing good, and doing well. What they want is strong strategic thinking, guidance to navigate their social responsibility path, and help telling their story. That’s what we do. We guide. We plan. We execute through compelling communications”.

Clifford operates with a very single-minded purpose “to catalyse responsible business”. This means advising and energising companies on how to bring their purpose-led strategies to life in a more agile, more efficient and more effective way. And never at the expense of the bottom line. “Quite the contrary, we believe that being for-purpose and for-profit should never be mutually exclusive, but by evolving together they offer the perfect combination for a truly sustainable future”.

Clifford has worked on a myriad of projects across multiple industries from FMCG, finance and high street retail to charity, healthcare and most recently in the social enterprise sector.

He is passionate about the possibilities for business to thrive while having a positive effect on their communities, society and the environment and believes that the leadership required to make such an impact will come from the business sector.

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