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It seems that every developed city in the world is witnessing the emergence of co-working spaces in one form or another at the moment. So, if you’re thinking of opening the doors and inviting a few entrepreneurial types in to rent a desk or two, how do you differentiate yourself from the pack, how do you get noticed by potential new members.

A catchy name helps, as well as a brand identity that speaks clearly and succinctly to the target audience. Most important though is to have a clear sense of core and social purpose.

JamJar Logo

JamJar asked us to develop their brand strategy and visual identity, to fit a brief that we co-developed, to ensure their core purpose and social purpose were clearly identified and defined in such a way as to fit seamlessly together.

The creative work could then be tailored carefully to the target market and begin to bring the strategy to life.

What We Did

Brand Strategy, Logo, Visual Identity and Business Cards

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