O-I are New Zealand’s largest makers of glass jars, bottles and containers. Recycling and sustainability are at the heart of O-I’s business.


A strongly capable company with a long service heritage in the New Zealand market, yet decidedly quiet about their achievements, O-I approached Voice to help revitalise their website and turn their digital presence into a successful sales and promotional tool.

Good Business Matters provided strategic guidance to build on O-I’s proposition “Glass Is Life”,  focusing on education and awareness building around the vigorous recycling and sustainability programmes that form a key part of the way they do business.

The result: a strong web presence that maximises O-I’s sustainability capabilities and expresses it clearly through their brand – backfilling the global O-I story with messages of Kiwi support, resourcefulness and local innovation.

What we did

Digital Strategy, Website Development, Content Development

The strategy was to develop key messages that sat across the top of the brand, then drill down to create strong, relevant content for website navigation, social platforms, and B2B promotional materials.

The outcome for the client, powerful, good messaging, clearly articulated on an up-to-the-minute website with all the ‘out of the box’ functionality you would expect.

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