Focusing on the Greatest Impact

An abundance of opportunities, but not the time or resources to dedicate to it. This is a challenging situation many businesses and organisations find themselves in. Delving deeper into your strengths and your future vision and then backing it up with research will result in a clear strategy that will set you on the path to success.


Lots of projects, tons to do, insufficient resources. Sound familiar? In Dear Dyslexic’s case this was skewed even further. With much potential, and so many opportunities, they were spreading themselves far too thin to cut through and generate any lasting change. They needed clarity, and fast. Where should they focus their efforts, which areas will deliver the greatest impact, both for society and commercially.


We started as we always do, with a pile of questions and a decent dose of listening. Seems so obvious but so often the diligence around the process is obscured by jumping to answers too soon. With additional research the strategy became clear.

Dear Dyslexic were overloaded. They needed to simplify and direct their efforts. We quickly distilled Dear Dyslexic’s purpose and guiding themes, and sifted the wheat from the chaff in identifying key business activities from supporting activities.

The most commercially sensible solution, that would have the greatest impact were Dear Dyslexic’s workshops. Not the sexiest solution, but they constantly sell out, offer high quality content and align with the organisation’s purpose: to improve the lives of young people and adults with dyslexia.

We conducted qualitative customer research which informed a straightforward marketing strategy, “get in the room” communications to empower the sales team to build on existing opportunities.


Dear Dyslexic logo


With a clearer focus and direction, Dear Dyslexic came away with a review of their business strategy which identified workshops as the core activity that would help them move to becoming a financially sustainable organisation. Good Business Matters provided a workshop-specific marketing strategy as well as collateral that could be tailored to their different customer groups.

Dear Dyslexia brochures