First People


Good Business Matters acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants and traditional custodians of the land and waters of the country we now call Australia.

We pay our respects to all Elders – past, present and forever emerging and express our gratitude and individual acknowledgements here.

Core team

Clifford J Moss

Founder & Strategist

Clifford blends deep strategic and creative expertise with his ‘anything’s possible’ attitude to empower projects and make things happen. He brings over 20 years experience helping businesses evolve their brands to support the bottom-line and leave a positive effect on society and the environment. 

Kristy Tong


Kristy’s diverse career has matured into a unique combination of strategic and creative abilities, set upon a foundation of relationship management and specialist marketing proficiencies. Laser-focused on delivering high-impact initiatives, Kristy truly produces the goods.


When you work with us, you’ll get to work with some other pretty awesome folk too. These are some of our nearest and dearest.


Simon Davies

Technical Advisor

Simon’s technical expertise and strategic smarts sum up why he was one of the original founders of Good Business Matters. He has experience in high-tech product development including scientific testing, technology feasibility, market analysis, and project management.

Jonathan Sagar

Brand Advisor

Jonno has been one of the Australasian design industry’s leading creative and strategic thinkers for many years. He is a founding partner of Voice Brand Agency, a multidisciplinary strategic design, branding and customer experience practice and our best friend in New Zealand. 

Jenny McLaren

Creative Director, Aer Design

Jenny is an industry-leading strategic and creative thinker. She’s passionate about educating business on how good design is intrinsic to success and has been at the forefront of the Good business movement in Australia. 

Kim Ingles

Impact Producer & Director

We were introduced to Kim by the wonderful crew at Digital Storytellers in 2017. We’re forever grateful. Her proficiency as a producer is uncommon given her equal abilities as both director and editor. Her most recent projects include 2040 and The Australian Dream

Paul Klein

Founder & CEO at Impakt

Advisor. Social Entrepreneur. Thought Leader. Paul founded Impakt in 2001 to help businesses solve social problems. He serves on the Advisory Council of the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business at the Schulich School of Business, the Advisory Board of Urban Matters and the Global Wellness Institute’s Social Impact Initiative.

Jon Packer

Communications & Media Strategist

Partner at Ideaworks in Canada, Jon works with public and growth companies, funded start-ups, prime ministers, royalty and rock stars, Jon has 20+ years of experience in delivering compelling communications to achieve success across a wide range of business and social impact sectors.

Good business guidance

We’re incredibly grateful to be in a position to call on the advice of these seasoned professionals to help light the way across any number of the many areas that Good Business Matters operates; from strategy and vision to tactical and the creation of propietary projects through purpose-led work.

We refer to this small but mighty panel of individuals as our Good Guidance System.

Jane Hadjion

Corporate Ecologist & Director, Contexis

Jane is a leading business thinker and shaper. She works with executive teams to help integrate the social and environmental impact they generate into their organisational frameworks. She is passionate about transitioning the business community to profit via purpose.

Col Duthie

Chair, Donkey Wheel House

Col is a strategist with a true wealth of experience. He has worked with the Senior leaders of many of Australia’s largest social impact organisations. He’s a convenor and facilitator with an innate ability to see patterns and make connections.

Chris Lombardo

Chief Executive Officer, The Bridge Darebin

Chris is a successful and experienced Executive Officer with a history of working in the community sector. She has a well-demonstrated flair for entrepreneurial innovation and is passionate that every human is entitled to a fair go. 

Daniel Madhavan

CEO, Impact Investment Group

Daniel is passionately curious about shaping business and finance as tools for building a better world. He’s an ardent believer that finance can be great for people and planet and that by helping transform economic systems we can create a path to meaningful environmental and social impact.

Ben Gleisner

Co-founder & CEO, CoGo

Ben was part of New Zealand’s 2009 Treasury team that developed the Living Standards Framework, now the backbone of Jacinda Ardern’s 2019, Wellbeing Budget. A year later, he launched Conscious Consumers, recently rebranded as CoGo, the world-leading ethical app helping people live their values by enabling them to make more ethical consumer choices.

Finbar O'Hanlon

Technologist & Entrepreneur

Fin is a marvel to behold and a guide who cuts a path like few others. He is a digital media technologist, entrepreneur, musician and futurist. He was both Founder and CEO of Linius Video Systems, now listed on the ASX, and is a key stakeholder in a host innovative projects, large and small, across the world.