Good Business Matters launched Goodsmiths in 2017. It was September 2014 when we devised and produced the first “Good Xmas Trail”, a Christmas marketing campaign to inspire people to frequent and buy from social enterprises and social impact businesses, and it had become abundantly clear that doing good wasn’t just something people wanted to do for Christmas.


As a society, we’ve become rabid consumers. Given our limited planetary resources, this doesn’t bode well. It’s also tricky being a responsible consumer. It’s counter-intuitive and, while it feels good to do good, it can be hard to get started. The challenge for small social-impact businesses and social enterprises is no less of an issue; marketing and communications is something many are not particularly good at. It sucks up limited resources, can be stressful and the results are often disheartening.


Goodsmiths society


Goodsmiths is a business-to-consumer marketing platform for a curated set of ‘good’ businesses selling carefully-crafted product ranges and services, that generate more than just a profit. The Goodsmiths website and media campaigns provide purpose-led organisations with a unique way to connect with a qualified and engaged audience and to promote themselves more broadly.

Goodsmiths Street Posters


  • 150 social enterprises and purpose-led businesses listed on the platform
  • 34% average click-through-rate to business websites
  • 5 marketing campaigns run each year
  • In 2019, 8 events were attended by 120 social entrepreneurs
  • Facebook and Instagram followers grew over 200% in 2018 and 2019

Goodsmiths event


Businesses on the
Goodsmiths platform
grew 5 times in 3 years.