Work—Tackling debt, saving lives

We want you to know, we’ve used your report a lot – it really is such a good roadmap

Fiona Guthrie, CEO
National Debt Helpline


The National Debt Helpline helps people tackle debt problems. Since 2011 they’ve dealt with over 1.25 million calls from people seeking free and independent financial counselling and now they were in a fix. Yet the problem they had was a good one: too many calls coming in, leaving employees struggling to help all those people tangled up in debt.


National Debt Helpline workers


Potential callers needed to be seamlessly redirected away from an already overloaded helpline and triaged through a website of easy to use self-help advice. This site, and not the overwhelmed employees, became their solution, or at least the first step on their path to a life free of debt.

A core team was formed to workshop a customer journey map and identify team members’ core capabilities and capacity in order to establish a strong support programme to deliver on their desired future.


National debt helpline lawyer


  • A new framework for the website user experience
  • The roadmap to guide the team to increase exposure of the website was developed and activated.
  • Increase in team confidence and ability to adopt new roles and responsibilities.
  • Simplified marketing strategy with stepped activation points.
  • Customer journey map and UX design


National debt helpline hardship