Butcher, Baker, COVID Escaper

Under the unprecedented pressure of the COVID-19 crisis, businesses were struggling to know which way to turn. Little Bertha needed a strategy to save jobs, keep baking and salvage the business.

When COVID-19 hit, lives, livelihoods and business-as-usual imploded into a melee of doubt, fear and confusion. We looked to our leaders, sought advice from colleagues, reached out to friends.

Our founder, Cliff, plays football with Adi Kerr. They’re passionate about the beautiful game and also share an entrepreneurial spirit, one that Adi blends with his incredible skill as Production Manager at Little Bertha Bakery.

Little Bertha supports hundreds of cafes, restaurants, and boardrooms with pastries, cakes and catering. When everyone was told to stay at home, and businesses shut their doors, so the orders for Little Bertha’s bounty dried up.

Difficult conversations only happen when you have the courage to be vulnerable, to ask, to admit you don’t have all the answers. You have to be prepared to break some eggs to make breakfast. And that’s exactly what Adi and Director, Richard Hardy did when they asked Cliff over for an emergency breakfast.


Little Bertha bakers at work


Little Bertha delivery van