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Community organisation’s income streams are forever under pressure. The temptation, and trend, is to launch the not-for-profit into more entrepreneurial ventures as a solution to revenue generation. The social enterprise cafe is a great example. The hard lesson so many have to learn is it’s not easy to be enterprising, and succesful, when your entire business model is based on doing good, not making money.


Bridge Darebin had to develop a more sustainable financial model. They also believed they could create jobs for disadvantaged members of their community. A social enterprise cafe got board approval and needed to happen.  The burning question: how would we make a cafe stand out in Melbourne, a city of over 1,600 cafes, all vying for coffee drinkers’ attention? How would it differentiate itself, what would it have to do to capture the hearts and minds of locals and what on earth would it be called?



Focus on the good. Build on the purposeful pillars of the organisation, differentiate through a unique impact model and brand positioning. In a saturated market, Moon Rabbit’s unique identity and purposeful proposition is instantly identifiable and ensures it stands out. The essence of its emotive brand, based on the virtues of Moon Rabbit folklore, infuses everything the cafe does and is the foundation of a marketing strategy that sets the cafe apart.


  • 3-year business strategy and business plan
  • Communications and activity plan
  • Branding strategy and implementation incorporating development of name, visual identity, signage, digital and print media.

In 2019 they saw a 94% increase in revenue and they had 26 students trained through their TTT work-readiness program for learners with additional needs.

70% of the TTT graduates continued on to find meaningful employment, volunteering or further study.

Moon Rabbit won both the 2019 Sustainability award and the 2019 Victorian Learn Local – Creating Local Solutions Award for their TTT program. They gained extensive media coverage across mainstream media publications. The income generated helped support the underfunded community program Laneway Lunches, which feeds 60 people each Friday.


Moon Rabbit Social Enterprise Cafe in Action

Yer 1: Revenue increases 94%

“Good Business Matters ability to delve into the culture and vision of our organistaion has ensured that the resulting brand strategy is en pointe and the positioning perfect. In doing so, they have created a uniquely memorable name and logo that will remain the cornerstone of our marketing”