National Debt Helpline

Sometimes a business can find themselves confounded by a challenge for which it feels like there should be a quick fix, but, in reality, it’s not actually an easy thing to execute. NDH were in a fix. Yet the problem they had was a good one: too many calls coming in.

The Challenge

Stop the calls, keep the callers.
Free up employees’ time but still help all those people struggling with their debt.

What Happened?

We started as we always do, with a pile of questions and a good dose of listening. Callers needed to be seamlessly redirected away from an already overloaded helpline to a website with easy to use self-help advice. This needed to become their solution.

The Solution

Customer triage paired to site access and visibility.

The core team was convened and, together, generated a customer journey map. During the workshop we honed in on team members capabilities and capacity, establishing a support programme to bolster expertise and enable them to deliver on their desired future.

As is often the case, by clearly articulating the strategy the team quickly grew in confidence and took on relevant roles and responsibilities to get the job done quickly and at minimal cost. A new framework for the website UX was designed to triage the callers before they dialed in, and a roadmap to guide their small team to increase the exposure of the website was implemented.

What They Got

Simple step-by-step marketing strategy, with tactical activation points, customer journey mapping, website UX, and marketing strategy.

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