Take Me To Your Leader

“Every leader is reacting differently, in his or her own style. And every leader will be judged by the results.”

– Uri Friedman, The Atlantic, April 2020

2020 has offered up the most significant test of leadership in living memory. Health crises, climate crises, economic crises and political upheaval all stitched together by the Coronavirus pandemic, which has magnified and amplified each moment. 

“Take Me To Your Leader”, the closing session of The Good Business Festival, posed a single question to 30 thought-leaders and panellists from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.  

“What kind of leadership do we need to shepherd us through these unprecedented times and into a COVID-normal”?

Act 1 – October 8th 2020

The Good Business Festival explored the impacts and responses by businesses to major issues, including the pandemic, purpose-led strategy, woke-washing, sustainability, inclusivity and the widening divide between rich and poor. 

“Take Me To Your Leader” focused squarely on good business leadership. It was produced and presented in 2 parts. We began with the North American session, by our friends at Impakt Corp in Toronto. Then, as the sun rose above Aotearoa, New Zealand and Australia, our 5 live panellists downed their coffees and got into the nitty-gritty of values-led leadership.

Both sessions combined live panellists with pre-recorded interviews. The careful curation and production ensured we’d appeal to a broad and diverse audience; from front-line workers and emerging young talent to community and political leaders and boardroom executives. And what they got was practical advice and guidance on navigating these torrid times, and insights on the sort of leadership required to build back better.

View the recording of The Good Business Festival session “Take Me To Your Leader.


The Good Business Festival, Take Me To Your Leader

Good Business Festiaval

The Good Business Festival Take Me To Your Leader

Lead Generation Campaign

A digital marketing campaign was designed to generate targeted leads.

Compelling content from pre-recorded interviews directed business leaders genuinely interested in the subject matter,  to a dedicated web page. There, they could register for the session, enjoy more short interviews and also opt to receive more free material.

The campaign was active for 2-weeks across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 


  • Website traffic increased by over 435%, from 234 to 1,019.
  • The average session time increased by 15%.
  • 17 pre-qualified new leads generated 57 registered leads and 111 event responses.
  • Average cost per lead was $66.57.
  • Social media performance:
    • Facebook: 334% views, 43,784% reach and 14,330% engagement
    • LinkedIn: 134% page views, 167% unique visitors, 22% button clicks
    • Instagram (which received no investment) increased followers during the period by 1% with 7,206 impressions and an average post reach of 226.

What has become clear is the growing need for emotionally healthy leadership that embraces empathy, collaboration and authenticity.

Good Business Matters will focus on developing this Leadership Video Series, incorporating insights and advice from inspirational leaders, living this out.

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