The Good Xmas Trail Wants You!

The Good Xmas Trail Girl with posters

Seeking Partners, Collaborators, Cake Makers and Carers. You are Needed.

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Seeking Partners, Collaborators, Cake Makers and Carers. You are Needed.

Over the last few years we’ve worked on a whole raft of ways to catalyse responsible, ethical and just plain sensible business. Some have been pretty good, some have fizzled, but The Good Xmas Trail is burning bright. ‘What the hell is that?’ I hear you cry.. well, read on friends, read on..

It seems crazy to say it but December is just around the corner, and the (sometimes) rabid consumption associated with that month is about to commence, so here’s a thought:

It will affect our hip pockets, our hips, our landfills and tips; There’s a heap of fun to be had, an excuse to go a little bit mad; A time to celebrate, to spoil ourselves, to do things that, at the time, might make no sense or do something different that, considering it’s the season of goodwill, might just make a difference

And this is where The Good Xmas Trail comes in; an initiative that promotes conscientious consumption, and that provides ethical options for Christmas celebrations and gifts that keep on giving.

So, to all the early adopters, trail blazers and natural collaborators out there: WE WANT YOU.

We’re looking for a simple thing – people who believe what we believe. You like the initiative, you get in touch, we work out how to make it work for you. From here, you become a partner, publicist, collaborator, pusher, puller, baker or maker.

You’ve read this far and are thinking: ‘Yeah, wow, Conscientious Consumption, Doing Good at Christmas, Making a Difference..that’s a really good thing and I, in my own little (or maybe big) way can help. I can share it, I can publicise it, I can join it, support it, promote it.. be a part of it”

If you’ve got this far and you’re still with me, keep going; hit the download link below and let’s see just how far down the rabbit hole you’re prepared to go… hit me baby one more time


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